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Presidential Message

Before commenting on my last Presidential Message, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the WARMTH community, who have allowed us to serve as one of the most important organizations in nuclear medicine. This is because WARMTH is the only worldwide organization founded to promote radionuclide molecular therapy and the relatively novel paradigm of ‘Theragnostics.’

I thank the organization’s leadership (Governing Body and Executive Body) for defining responsive strategies that align with the WARMTHLY principles of caring for our patients and members.

We took the following opportunities to embrace thoughtful change and affirm our core values over the last two years.

There is huge excitement that the World Journal of Nuclear Medicine (WJNM) has an impact factor, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of the editor-in-chief, Qaisar Siraj, and the Governing Board.

Ghana hosted the 18th International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (ICRT) of WARMTH, the first for Ghana, which Prof Alfred Ankrah and his colleagues hosted. Thanks to Josh Mailman, delegates, speakers, and sponsors for their help and support.

The 18th ICRT facilitated the first radioligand therapy (RLT) with 177Lu-PSMA and the first SPECT scanning of a prostate cancer patient with 99mTc-PSMA-GCK01 in Ghana, with thanks to Dr Masha Maharaj, Prof Frederick Giesel, Dr Jens Cardinale, Dr. Otto Knoesen, Mr. Renny Modjela, Prof Alfred Ankrah and his colleagues, NTP, AEC Amersham, and WARMTH GB.

The 18th ICRT Post-congress meeting occurred at the HopeXchange Medical Center in Kumasi, Ghana. The post-congress meeting of WARMTH aimed to initiate Nuclear Medicine diagnosis and therapy at the hospital. The meeting was hosted by Prof Irene Virgolini, Dr. Mario Cappello, and Dr. Dominic Osei-Kofi.

For the first time, WARMTH hosted an ISRT in Spanish, Reunión Internacional WARMTH Sociedad Madrileña de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular in Madrid,  with thanks to Dr. Antonio Maldonado and Dr. Mariela Agolti.

We signed a Bilateral Agreement with the ICPO; this strategic partnership is to promote international Education Standards and support the Establishment of new Theranostics Centers.

WARMTH also revived its cooperation and interactions with the SNMMI and EANM.

We thank the WARMTH members who hosted several ISRTs that increased our membership in Singapore coordinated by Prof Sean Yan, in Germany, coordinated by Richard Baum, in Romania, coordinated by Prof Raluca Mititelu, in Argentina, coordinated by Dr. Mariela Agolti (WARMTH) and Dr Silvina Racioppi ( AABYMN )  Rene Fernández ( Chile ), Dr. Fernando Fabián Faccio (ALASBIMN)

We had two successful World Theragnostics Day Webinars, thanks to the 2022 speakers,  Prof Oliver Sartor - USA and Prof Louise Emmett – Australia, and the 2023 speaker, Prof. Frederik Giesel – Germany.

In honor of WARMTH's founder, the Ajit Padhy Oration was given by Andrew Scott and Homer A. Macapinlac during this period. Congratulations, and continue your excellent contribution to Theragnostics.

WARMTH is invited to cooperate at the International Conference on Hybrid Imaging: Advancing Frontiers for Precision Medicine - IPET 2024, which is part of the bilateral MOU with IAEA.

We look forward to the next 19th ICRT in Muscat, Oman, which Dr Ammad Al Tamimi will host. The meeting will take place from 8-11 February 2024. After that, brace yourself for the 20th ICRT in Cyprus in 2025, to be hosted by Dr Savvas Frangos, and then the 21st ICRT in Colombia in 2026, to be hosted by Dr Patricia Bernal Trujillo.

Once again, WARMTH recognizes and applauds the role played by the WFNMB, SNMMI, EANM, ALASBIMN, AANM, and AONMB; together, we can do more and better.

We are thankful for the support from the Oncidium Foundation and will cement it further.

Importantly, we promised to continue with our current scientific one, PRLT, with 225Ac-PSMA. Thanks to the members who contributed to one of the landmark papers on Alpha therapy that has been accepted in Lancet Oncology.

The paper's title is “Actinium-225-PSMA Radioligand Therapy of Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (WARMTH Act): a multicenter retrospective study.”

This paper will help to foster solid strategic steps toward making Actinium-225-PSMA  Accessible, Affordable, and Appropriate.

Advancing WARMTH will improve our communication and sponsorship for the journal and the ability to coordinate more collaborative research and educational opportunities that will see Radiopharmaceutical Theragnostics practiced worldwide. WARMTH should champion the inclusion of all countries, more so LMIC in clinical trials.

Colleagues, serving you as the 7th President of the WARMTH for 2021-2023 has been a privilege and a pleasure. Hence, I would like to conclude my service as President of this important organization with profound gratitude and humility.

The way forward, I would like to congratulate the new President.  Prof Kalevi Kairemo and the new Executive and Governing Body will be successful in the coming two years. I am sure Kalevi will carry the WARMTH initiatives forward and play a central role in maintaining the high standard of THERAGNOSTICS globally.




 Mike Sathekge