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The "World Association of Radiopharmaceutical and Molecular Therapy" (WARMTH) extends its activities throughout the world. WARMTH is the only worldwide organization founded to promote the use of radionuclide molecular therapy, and of the relatively novel paradigm of ‘Theragnostics.’

WARMTH is a voluntary non-profit organization of individuals specifically associated for the purposes, and for using the means, to achieve the following research and educational objectives:

  • Advance science and education of therapeutic nuclear medicine and radiopharmaceutical therapy including dosimetry, treatment evaluation, radiation physics, radiation biology and radiation protection for the benefit of public health and humanity.
  • Work towards worldwide access to radionuclide therapy by harmonizing good practice.
  • Educating nuclear medicine professionals in the use of radionuclide therapies and to facilitate research in this area.

WARMTH’s major initiatives for sharing and disseminating information are:

  1. The annual International Conferences on Radionuclide Therapy (ICRT)
  2. Timely workshops and symposia on focused clinical areas
  3. Provide a suitable platform for the dissemination and discussion of the latest results in the field of Nuclear Medicine Therapy, and related subjects through the quarterly academic publication of World Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and
  4. Establishment of the World Theragnostics Academy, for training and promoting educational activities.

WARMTH also plays an important role in identifying new radionuclide therapies and disseminating this knowledge to its members and associates. It also interacts with interested patient’s groups such as neuroendocrine advocacy groups, and others.

Being a global society, another important mission of WARMTH is out-looking with a perspective towards those developing countries where patients have had little or no access to therapeutic nuclear medicine.

The relationship between WARMTH and other worldwide regional societies of nuclear medicine (One Voice Many Languages):

Based on all the above functions and responsibilities, and to share the Knowledge Pool, we realize that an important role of WARMTH is to also provide an umbrella association where all issues concerning radionuclide therapy can be discussed by regional and national societies as well as by individuals dedicated to WARMTH’s aims.

WARMTH does not attempt to replace national or regional Societies but strives to work with them in a constructive and co-operative way and provide, where required a source of information concerning the use of radionuclide molecular therapy. WARMTH recognizes and applauds the role played by the SNMMI, EANM, ALASBIMN and AONMB and other nuclear medicine societies, but also recognizes that these organizations must deal with all aspects of nuclear medicine and that radionuclide molecular therapy may not be their prime concern. Where WARMTH does provide guidance it does not wish to supplant regional and national guidelines but wishes to provide a framework by which these can be shared and ensure the aim of WARMTH that all patients worldwide should have access to high quality radionuclide molecular therapy.