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Types of Membership

In conformity with the aims of WARMTH and the universal nature of scientific research and human rights; membership is irrespective of any one country, language area, ethnic group, gender or religion. The members of WARMTH are:

1. Ordinary members
2. Associate Members
3. Honorary Members
4. Companies may have the status of corporate members.

Click here to complete the application process online if you wish to pay by wire transfer - plaeas select pay later in the payment section.

Eligibility Criteria

Any physician or scientist or person committed to the objectives of WARMTH with a completed university or equivalent education will be able to become an Ordinary member of WARMTH provided that he or she is mainly engaged in nuclear medicine or related fields.

Associate membership of WARMTH is open to any other person working in the field of nuclear medicine or related fields (Example: Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Radiographers, Nursing Personnel, etc).

Honorary membership is reserved for persons of outstanding distinction who have provided great service to WARMTH.

Corporate membership can be offered to individuals, societies, associations or companies interested in promoting the aims of WARMTH.

Admission to ordinary, associate and corporate membership of WARMTH requires that a proposal in writing on such forms as the Governing Body shall from time to time prescribe be lodged with the President or with the Secretary of WARMTH. Decisions concerning acceptance of members shall be made by the Governing Body. The Member's Assembly must be informed about the admission of new members.

Membership Fees
The Annual Membership Fee for various categories of Members for 2018 is as follows:
Ordinary Member : US$ 50.00 (or US$ 200.00 for 5 years)
Associate Member: US$ 30.00 (or US$ 120.00 for 5 years)
Corporate Member: US$ 2000.00 (or US$ 8000.00 for 5 years)

If the membership fees for an Ordinary or Associate Membership would cause financial hardship - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact us so that we can accomodate your partcipation. 

Rights and Responsibilities
Active membership allows complementary registration to the members to participate in annual International scientific meetings (ICRT/ISRT) organized by WARMTH.

Honorary members are elected at the Members' Assembly on a proposal from the Governing Body. Such elections shall require approval by two-thirds of the members present.

Rights of Members: All members have the right to vote at the Members' Assembly, to be informed of and participate in the activities of WARMTH, and the right to propose in writing to the Governing Body nominees for honorary membership.

Only Ordinary Members with a minimum of 2 years standing have the right to take office in the Governing Body or the Court of Arbitration of WARMTH.

Obligation of Members: All members shall promote and embrace the objectives of WARMTH set out in Bylaw 2. All members shall pay the membership fees of WARMTH as determined by the Governing Body and ratified by the General Assembly.

Termination of Membership
Termination may be voluntary by giving written notification three months in advance of the next calendar year to the Secretary of WARMTH. Termination will be obligatory if a member has remained three years arrears with his or her membership fees. Termination will be at the discretion of the Governing Body by a unanimous decision if a member is considered to have brought WARMTH into disrepute. A member may appeal to the Court of Arbitration.

Privileges of Corporate Membership

1. Display of Company logo: The company logos of all corporate members will be displayed on the website of WARMTH during the period of their active membership.

2. Discounted Registration Fee: All relevant staff members belonging to the Corporate Member company will be entitled to discounted registration rates at our International Conferences, Symposia and Seminars; as well as training programs and membership events.

3. Free access to World Journal of Nuclear Medicine website and complimentary subscription to the printed version.

4. 10% Discount on all Sponsorship Categories for WARMTH's International Conferences/ Symposia on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy (ICRT.ISRT).

5. Invitation as observer to all Governing Body Meetings and Members' Assemblies of WARMTH

6. Each corporate member company will have one vote in Members' Assembly.