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The world is going through difficult times and we are all trying to find solutions in different unique ways to keep us and our families safe. “Break the chain” has been a common slogan for all the countries which we can achieve by physical distancing and therefore most of the countries are in complete lockdown. I believe at this point in time we are gradually moving towards the peak of the corona crisis and thinking about the post-pandemic life expected in the next few months.



I am sure all of us are carrying out our professional work in our own unique ways and probably this is the time for us to “work from home”, educating our peers and finish writing out our completed research projects, for which there is always a paucity of time amidst our routine daily work schedule.

I want to reiterate the fact that education is a critical part of WARMTHs mission and to achieve this, a virtual curriculum will be the key now at this point in time. There are few scientific papers already in print regarding our practice during the COVID times and I am sure all of you must have gone through it.

In continuation of the efforts for education the Nuclear Medicine and diagnostic imaging Section of the IAEA, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Diana Paez, has organized a series of webinars and information on the COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on the practice of nuclear medicine. 

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging resource section is another source of virtual information and can be accessed here.  The European Association of Nuclear Medicine COVID-19 resource page can be accessed here.

My dear friends at this time of crisis we all should join hands to protect our patients, their caregivers, our staff, and families.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Practice physical distancing but social solidarity: as we say in India, “Jan Hai toh Jahan Hai” meaning IF YOU HAVE LIFE, YOU HAVE THE WORLD.

With my warm regards,

Partha Choudhury
President (WARMTH)