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Irene J VirgoliniDear Friends and Members of WARMTH,

As 2018 is rolling on, I am looking forward to continue my service to WARMTH as President. I am fortunate to be part of our exciting team working with enthusiastic people in directing WARMTH with the goal to maintain our phenomenal success since its early childhood under our Founder, the late Doctor Ajit Padhy, Singapore, our Past Presidents Professor Harvey Turner, Perth, AU, Professor Richard Baum, Bad Berka, Germany, and  Professor Suresh Srivastava, Brookehaven, US. From “childhood” to entering “adulthood”, WARMTH has faced various problems over the last years, which, by the grace of God, we are overcoming step-by-step. I cordially thank all of you! 

In the following we are giving you an overview of our current WARMTH status:

  1. WARMTH Incorporated (WARMTH Inc.)
    WARMTH Inc. has now been registered as a US Non Profit. WARMTH will honor all previous memberships as part of WARMTH as registered in the US. The Governing Body of WARMTH, Inc voted to increase the membership fees to 200 USD for 5 years (50 USD for a year) for ordinary members and to 8000 USD for 5 years (2000 USD for a year) for corporate members. This is to ensure the financial stability of our organization. Those who have financial challenges with the increased fee can ask for a reduction if needed.

  2. Report from most recent WARMTH Meetings

    Thanks to Doctor Sze Ting Lee, Melbourne, Australia, Secretary of the WFNMB the 13th ICRT-2018 was held in Melbourne on 20th April 2018 as pre-congress meeting of the 12th WFNMB Congress. There was very active participation at our meeting with ~300 colleagues from around the globe. The meeting concentrated on “PRRT, PSMA- Radioligand Therapy and Liver-directed Therapy”. WARMTH is very indebted to Doctor Sze Ting Lee for excellent local organization and hospitality. During our Annual Member Assembly all major WARMTH issues were discussed and agreed upon. We have posted videos online on our website.

    Sponsored by the “Therapy Center of Excellence” of the SNMMI, WARMTH co-organized a Categorical Seminar on Prostate Cancer during the Annual Meeting of the SNMMI in Philadelphia, 23rd-26th June, which was well attended, especially by our young colleagues, with several hundred participants. Other CME Sessions on PRRT and PRLT with WARMTH experts were equally well attended.

    The Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section at the IAEA organized a “Leadership in Nuclear Medicine” meeting from 16th-19th July at the Head Quarter in Vienna. Representatives from ALASBINM, AOFNMB, ASNM, EANM, SNMMI, WFNMB and WARMTH were in attendance. During this meeting WARMTH was recognized as a major player in Nuclear Medicine. Professor Andrew Scott, AUS, chairing this meeting, will draft a position paper to be circulated in time and published in all major journals around the globe. We are grateful to Doctor Diana Piaz, Head of the IAEA Section, for providing WARMTH the possibility for participation.

  3. Going forward the ICRT`s (International Conference on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy) will be numbered to avoid confusion with the ISRT`s (International Symposium on Radiopharmaceutical Therapy). WARMTH will support meetings regional meeting sponsored by WARMTH members in good standing as ISRTs. Only ONE meeting a year will be referenced as ICRT and this will be approved by the Exexcutive Board in consultation with the Governing Body. The decision will be made in view of the proximity and location of the other larger Nuclear Medicine meeting

    2018, ISRT, Bandung, Indonesia, 14th-16th September, Chair: Doctor Ayu Rosemeilia Dewi

    The Indonesian Society of Nuclear Medicine will hold the 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Bandung, Indonesia on 14th-16th September 2018. The society has requested WARMTH support which was agreed upon our EB/GB meeting in Melbourne and WARMTH representatives will attend the meeting. For more information on the meeting click here.

    2018, ISRT, Helsinki, Finland, 18th-20th November, Chair: Professor Kalevi Kairemo

    The Welcome Reception will be on Sunday 18th and the Official Opening on Monday 19th when also the 3rd WARMTH’s Ajit Padhy Oration will be presented by Professor Steven M. Larson, MSKCC, NY, USA on “New insights in Theragnostics”. Previous Ajit Padhy Oration Lecturers were Professor Stanley Goldsmith, Weill Cornell Medical Center, NY, USA, on “Searching for the Magic Bullet: History of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy”, at the 12th ICRT-2017 in Vienna, Austria, and Professor Emerita Andres Barrenechea on “In the memory of our beloved predecessor, the Late Ajit Padhy, M.D.” at the 11th ICRT-2016 in Cochin, India. Furthermore, during the meeting in Helsinki, the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented. This award presented to well-recognized colleagues has been previously presented to Professor Stanley Goldsmith, US (12th ICRT-2017), Professor Georg Riccabona (10th ICRT-2015), among others. The program can be found here.

    2018, 31st EANM Congress, 13th-17th October, Düsseldorf, Germany, Chair Doctor Francesco Giammarile

    During the 31st annual meeting of the EANM, WARMTH will have a booth and we will be able to distribute dedicated material on theragnostics and participants will be able to pay or prolong WARMTH membership fees directly 

    2019, 14th ICRT, Nanjing, China, 22nd-25th August, Chair Professor Feng Wang

    The 14th ICRT will be held in Nanjing China from 22nd-25th August 2019 with pre-congress and opening on 21st August. The Chinese Nuclear Medicine Society will be in charge of the program, daily operation, social activities as well as identifying their own scientific committee. A day tour is scheduled on 25th August. Tentative deadline for submission of abstracts will be on 30th April 2019. Nominations for the 4th Ajit Padhy Oration should be made in time to the president. Awards to be given include: Life Achievement Award, Best Poster and Best Oral Presentation. There will be a link on the WARMTH website for the announcement in Chinese language.

    2019, ISRT, Cyprus, 6th-10th November 2019, Chair, Doctor Savvas Fangos

    The Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine has invited WARMTH to actively participate on the occasion of the 20th anniversary meeting.

    2020, 15th ICRT, Bangladesh, Chair Professor Raihan Hussain

    2021, 16th ICRT, South America (Argentina/Uruguay/Brazil)

    2022, 17th ICRT, 7th-11th September, Kyoto, Japan

    As with the previous meetings of the World Federation Nuclear Medicine and Biology (WFNMB) the 17th ICRT-2022 will be held as pre-congress meeting of the 13th WFNMB congress.

    2023, 18th ICRT, Africa (South Africa/Ghana)

    We have published an event calendar on our site and will continue to update it with conferences of significance to our community. 

  4. WARMTH Studies

    WARMTH Retrospective Multicentre Analysis of Castration Refractory Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients Treated by Lu-PSMA-617, Chair Professor Hojjat Ahmadzadehfar, Bonn, Germany

    Short study synopsis, CRF on the website. We currently have centers from Germany, India, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Austria, Finland, Turkey, China, Uruguay participating in the study with other WARMTH centers to be added.

    WARMTH Retrospective Study: Multicenter Analysis of 68Ga-Somatostatin Receptor and 18F-FDG-PET/CT (Dual-Tracer Imaging) in Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients Treated With Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy

    Short study synopsis, CRF on the website.  We currently have centers from Germany, India, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Austria, Finland, Turkey, China, Uruguay participating in the study with other WARMTH centers to be added.

    WARMTH NIGHTCAP Study: National Investigators Global Harmonization of Theranostics of Cancer of Prostate, Chair Prof. J. Harvey Turner National Investigator Global Harmonization of Theranostics of Cancer of Prostate

    Establish credible evidence of prolonged survival and enhanced quality of life. Validate the collated single-center retrospective studies of varying protocols and heterogeneous patient populations. Provide expert training and mentoring for new theranostic sites worldwide. Facilitate provision of safe effective theranostic harmonized management of mCRPC whilst awaiting the results of formal randomized controlled clinical trials required for regulatory approval, reimbursement and general oncologist acceptance

    WARMTH LYM Study – Salvage radiotherapy with or without 177Lu-PSMA radionuclide treatment for lymph node metastatic prostate cancer: a randomized phase II trial, Chair Professor Finn Edler von Eyben

  5. World Thera(g)nostics Day
    Celebration of World Theragnostics Day was proposed to be on 31st March 2019 with a publication of WARMTH position statement or possible small meeting (ISRT) with medical oncologists. Position Paper, not only for Thyroid is in the planning process (Chair: Dr. Sabina Dizdarevic),

  6. Improvement to our Website
    Over the coming month we will be working to update our website, if you have suggestions for new features please send as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view let us know.

  7. World Journal
    The format page and font of the World Journal of Nuclear Medicine was changed for easy read. Doctor John Buscombe will continue to be the Senior Editor with Doctor Qaisar Siraj becoming Editor in Chief in 2019

I look forward to seeing you and many of you at our various meetings throughout the rest of the year.

With warm(th)ly wishes,


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Irene Virgolini 
President, WARMTH