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We are pleased to announce the election results, and to both congratulate and extend a warm welcome to our new officers and members of our Advisory Board/Governing Body. Over 56% of eligible WARMTH Members took part in the election.

Based on the election results and Advisory Board appointments the 2016/17 WARMTH Leadership is as follows:


Executive Board:

President: Suresh Srivastava

President-Elect: Irene Virgolini

Secretary: Partha S. Choudhury

Treasurer: Emerita Barrenechea

Chief Operational Officer (COO): Josh Mailman

Immediate Past President (IPP): Richard P. Baum

Governing Body/Advisory Board:

Patricia Bernal

Gopinath Gnanasegaran

Raihan Hussain

Sze Ting Lee

Jasna Mihailovic

Mike Sathekge

Ajit Shinto

Harvey Turner

On behalf of WARMTH, we would also like to extend our thanks to the outgoing members of the Advisory Board / Governing Body. All of you have generously given your time and effort over the past few years, and your contributions have helped WARMTH grow and develop into an organization that is recognized as one of the leader in the nuclear therapy field. We look forward to your continued participation in WARMTH in the coming years.



President Elect Warmth
Prof. Dr. Suresh Srivastava
President WARMTH
Prof. Dr. Richard Baum