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Abstracts from the 19th ICRT Oman

The followwing are the accepted abstracts for the 19th ICRT held in Oman in February, 2024. If the title has a link, you may click to download the poster.

 TitleContact Author
51 A retrospective study on the utility of semi-quantitative analysis in parathyroid scintigraphy Dominic Alcantara  
52 Evaluation of Production Data of Neodymium-140; A therapeutic Radionuclide. Hammad Rasheed  
53 Role of PSMA-PET/CT in cancer prostate: initial staging, monitoring the therapeutic responses, biochemical recurrence and as selective tool for the radio-ligand therapy. YASMINE ATTEYA MANSOUR EL FIKY  
54 Radiosynoviorthesis with Tin-117m Colloid in a Canine Model for Osteoarthritis Philip Cohen  
55 Routine Early 68Ga-DOTATATE PET/CT Has Low Diagnostic Yield After Resection of Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms Aviral Singh  
56 Diffuse increased kidney FDG uptake in a patient with fever of unknown origin guided biopsy and assisted the diagnosis of microscopic polyangiitis Sira Vachatimanont  
57 A Study on the Development of Cancer in Hyperthyroid Patients Treated with Radioactive Iodine at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Jihad Al-Wardi  
58 Personalised dosimetry improves progression-free survival after selective internal radiation therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Walter Noordzij  
59 A case of unilateral decreased PSMA ligand uptake in the kidney suggests its potential use as a functional kidney imaging. Sira Vachatimanont  
60 Tumour recurrence versus radiation necrosis: 18 F-FET and MRI head-to-head comparison of volumes on a hybrid PET/MR system Dr.Keerti Sitani  
61 Samarium-153 treatment of bone pain in metastatic prostate cancer: About 80 cases Aida MHIRI  
62 Differentiated thyroid carcinoma in childhood and adolescence Aida MHIRI  
63 Unveiling the Power of PET-PSMA in Initial Staging of Prostate Carcinoma: KHCC Experience Essenced from PROCA Study Akram Al-Ibraheem  
64 Presentation of ovarian metastases on F-18 FDG PET/CT Rajesh Kumar  
65 Impressive response to 177Lu-PSMA-617 therapy in a patient with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer refractory to apalutamide, docetaxel and metastasis-directed therapy Tamara Geliashvili  
66 Incidence of Second Primary Malignancies Following Thyroid Cancer Treatment with Radioactive Iodine Ali Alhabsi  
67 Solitary bone metastasis of Hurthle cell thyroid cancer with TENIS syndrome: a clinical case Tamara Geliashvili  
68 Safety and efficacy of high Iodine 131 therapy in pulmonary metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma in children Hatem Hammami  
69 PSMA PET/CT Interpretation Pitfalls Mohamed Elkanawaty  
71 Role of 68Ga-DOTA-NOC PET/CT in detection of primary site in patients with metastatic neuroendocrine tumor of unknown origin: Experience from Pakistan. Arzoo Fatima Saleem  
72 Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Medicine: Enhancing Precision, Efficiency, and Outcomes Zaheer Chiragh  
73 Advancing Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Management: Integrating AI with PET/CT Imaging Zaheer Chiragh  
74 Lymphoma staging using the Ann Arbor and Lugano systems of classification. Evaluating concordance Riffat Parveen Hussain  
75 Skeletal muscle uptake of 18-FDG PET-CT; to be or not to be? A pictorial essay Riffat Parveen Hussain  
76 Assessing Vertebral Fractures with Bone Mineral Density performed for routine diagnosis of Osteoporosis; is there a value addition Riffat Parveen Hussain  
77 177Lu-PSMA Radioligand Therapy for Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Kuwait experience Sarah Murad  
78 A survey on Incident reporting and learning system among healthcare workers in the Nuclear Medicine department, Single Institute experience Noreen Marwat  
79 Occupational exposure of workers in the Nuclear Medicine department Noreen Marwat  
80 The possible role of combined [18F]-Fluro Estradiol (18F-FES) and 18F- FDG PET/CT scans in early detection of molecular heterogeneity and prognosis to hormonal treatment response in metastatic estrogen positive (ER+) breast cancer (BC) patients. A case re Nigora Rasulova  
82 The Role of Immunity Status Based on Lymphocyte Monocyte Ratio (LMR) in Treatments Response Low-risk Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma Patients with High Anti-thyroglobulin Antibodies Pre I-131 Therapy Junan Imaniar  
83 Design of anti-disialoganglioside GD2 antibody as a nuclear imaging probe for neuroblastoma xenografts: A theranostic proof of concept CHANGTONG YANG  
84 177Lu-PSMA first successful therapy performed in East Africa: A case report from Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kampala, Uganda. Mugisha Julius Sebikali  
86 Indonesian Health Transformation in Nuclear Medicine Services: Proctoring and QUANUM Implementation Programs Yustia Tuti  
87 Value of F-18 DOPA PET-CT Scan in Pheochromocytoma: First Experience in Indonesia. Ayu Rosemeilia Dewi  
88 Non-invasive treatment of recalcitrant keloids with contact brachytherapy using Yttrium-90 skin patch and its effectiveness: A pilot study Sai kishore Sundarraj  
89 Esophageal transit scintigraphy vs barium swallow, complementary diagnostic method for examining the esophagus Milan Bozinovic  
90 A comparison of labelling characteristics of manual, lyophilized-kit, and automated synthesis methods for 177Lu-PSMA Sandile Sibiya  
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