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Membership Application Form

New Membership

Thank you for your interest in WARMTH.

Types of Membership

In conformity with the aims of WARMTH and the universal nature of scientific research and human rights; membership is irrespective of any one country, language area, ethnic group, gender or religion. The members of WARMTH are:

1. Ordinary members
2. Associate Members
3. Honorary Members
4. Companies may have the status of corporate members.

Eligibility Criteria
Any physician or scientist or person committed to the objectives of WARMTH with a completed university or equivalent education will be able to become an Ordinary member of WARMTH provided that he or she is mainly engaged in nuclear medicine or related fields.

Associate membership of WARMTH is open to any other person working in the field of nuclear medicine or related fields (Example: Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Radiographers, Nursing Personnel, etc).

Honorary membership is reserved for persons of outstanding distinction who have provided great service to WARMTH.

Corporate membership can be offered to individuals, societies, associations or companies interested in promoting the aims of WARMTH.

Membership Fees

The Annual Membership Fee for various categories of Members for 2011 is as follows:
Ordinary Member: US$ 50 (or US$ 200 for 5 years)
Associate Member: US$ 30 (or US$ 120 for 5 years)
Corporate Member: US$ 2,000 (or US$ 8,000 for 5 years)

If you do not get a membership receipt for your payment please contact and included the last 4 digits of your credit card so we can investigate.

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