On behalf of the Dept of Nuclear Medicine and Therapy, KMCH,Coimbatore and WARMTH (World Association Of Radionuclide And Molecular Therapy), I am pleased to invite you to the very First World Rhenium 188 Congress and Workshop. As a unique trait, the Symposium focuses exclusively on Re-188 based imaging,therapy,pre clinical research,existing clinical applications, on the recent advances in Re radiometal coordination chemistry, and on the new applications of Re radiometal-containing molecules in pre-clinical and clinical imaging and radiotherapy.

The Congress, is intended for chemists, physicists, technologists, physicians and all scientists and clinicians interested in Re-188 based translational research and current state-of-the-art molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy. The re-emergence in enthusiasm for Re-188 use over the last several years can be ascribed to several factors, some of which promise an increasing role for Re-188 as a tool in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications such as theranostics. The term "theranostics" symbolizes the inseparability of diagnosis and therapy and has a profound effect personalized disease management.

To learn more about the congress please visit the congress website.  You may download the programme by clicking here.